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Beijing Chinese International Celebrities Study Society (called CICSS in short) was established on October 22, 1992, which was a legal group approved by Beijing Social Group Management Office. The first council conference of CICSS is held in August, 1997, more than 40 directors and guests attended it. Wang Guangying, Vice committee chief of Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, Zhao Weizhi, Deputy Secretary-General of Standing committee of the National Committee of the CPPCC, Hong Fuzeng, Vice-minister of Ministry of Agriculture, Sun Baiqiu, Vice-chairman of Red Cross Society of China and writer Zhou Erfu attended and gave a speech.

CICSS has 95 group members, 1200 individual members and 125 tenured honor members, who were from all over the world, and established the agencies in more than 30countries and regions, such as Japan, South Korea, France, Germany, Italy, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc.

CICSS is an honorary and academic association of social science. It is aim to widely contact with overseas Chinese and Chinese celebrities, research and explore the growing process of celebrities, collect the celebrities?ˉ achievement, promote the traditional virtue of the nation and the spirit to struggle, also promote the exchanges between China and other countries or region on the subject of politics, economy, culture, technical information, build up a bridge to communicate and unite overseas Chinese?ˉs strength for China's economy and cultural development.

The primary mission of CICSS is to organize the activities for promoting friendship, meetings of academic exchanges, public reports of technical and cultural achievement; Promote the exchange between domestic and foreign talents, consultation of various disciplines?ˉ development, establish the economic entity in China; Provide the service for overseas Chinese overseas celebrities; Publish the large-scale books and works, etc.

Since its establishment, CICSS had set up the large pictorial journal of "Chinese Tide" and the magazine of "Industries in China and South Korea", has also published a series of large-scale books including "Biography of Chinese Emperors", "Track of Hardship" and "Road to Success" and so on.Within the celebrities' exchanges, CICSS focuses


on the social efficiency, sponsored or jointly undertook many big rich and colorful public activities, "Chinese Celebrities Tennis Tournament" greatly promoted the mutual communication among the economy, the community of overseas Chinese and government. The leaders of the party and nation: Wan Li, Li Ruihuan, Wu Bangguo, Li Tieying, Wu Shaozu and so on joyfully participated it. What?ˉs more, "Seminar of International University Federation (China)" got university's principals of various countries together in Beijing to deliberate the topic of educational human resources. In July, 2007, CICSS supported the Academy of Chinese Gerontology to organize "Splendid World with Me" ?aCharity Bazaar of Famous Artistic Works on Modern Chinese Calligraphy and Painting, all of the funds collected from this activity will be used in the development of Chinese Gerontology.

With the aim of "Unite the community of overseas Chinese and promote this worthy undertaking together", CICSS continuously communicate and cooperate with American Chinese for many years. In 1998, CICSS united Chinese people lived in California bay area of America to joined in the relief donation for the earthquake. In October, 1999, during China's National Day, CICSS facilitated Chinese people to raise Chinese national flag for the first time in16 cities of America, which had greatly influenced the entire American society. In the great work of promoting the reunification of motherland, CICSS cooperated with an organization called "Against independence and promote the unity" -- "US Northern California (China) Association for promoting peace and unification" which was built up by Taiwanese to establish the long-term friendship and cooperative relationship, facilitating its several visits to China for understanding the development progress of mainland."Promotes the international exchanges, helps the world to understand China", which is not only the main focus for CICSS, has also manifested its important achievement. More than ten years, in the folk diplomatic way, CICSS positively participates in the activities of Chinese People?ˉs Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries and Chinese Red Cross Foundation, which has facilitated many cities in our country to establish the friendship


with the foreign cities. Every year, CICSS receives many delegations from Japan, South Korea, Europe and USAintroducing the developing China to them, providing various kinds of consultation service. CICSS once facilitated American Golden Overlord Battery Group and China Dongguan Huaxin Company to establish, the joint-capitalenterprise; With successful assistance for the delegation of Beijing Economic Development Zone to attract the investment in Japan; Facilitated Japanese well-known activist Mr. Cun Jinglong to come to Yunnan for investment and carry out "the plan of green peace ".

Dr. Wang Linxu, who is the president of CICSS, is also Member of the Standing Committee of the 11th CPPCC(Chinese People?ˉs Political Consultative Conference), Vice-chancellor of Central University for Nationalities, Assistant director of the Cultural Palace for Nationalities, National-level fine artist, President of Art Academy for Chinese Nationalities, Professor of Nankai University, Humanities doctor of American California State University, Honorary professor, President of UN Association of World Artist, Council member of Chinese People?ˉs Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries, Vice-chairman of Chinese Association for Friendship with South Korea, Council member of Overseas Chinese Friendship Association, Vice-chairmen of Chinese Red Cross Foundation, Council-member of Chinese Association for Promoting Peace and Unification, Council-member of Chinese Association for Promoting Economic Development, etc.

More than ten years, leaders of the party and the nation had designated Professor Wang Linxu's works as the present of Chinese government for the head of various states and countries. Until now, as the president of CICSS, Professor Wang Linxu's work has become the artistic collection for more than 100 heads of states and countries in the world five continents. From Boutros-Ghali, Kofi Annan to Ban Ki-Moon, the three secretary-general of UN all had awarded the title of "United Nations?ˉ Envoy of Peace" for Professor Wang. Under his leading, therefore, CICSS has attracted more attention and favorable comment from the world.

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