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The technology of modern transportation and communication has gradually narrowed the world and changed the mutual connection being more convenient, also provided a better condition for promoting the achievement of world celebrities. Presently, the exchanges and cooperation has become the subject of world development.

Therefore, the communication, promotion of achievement, resources collection and operating creation will importantly become more promotive.

Established in 1992, Beijing Chinese International Celebrities Study Society (called CICSS for short), sponsored by the renowned overseas Chinese and approved by the Office of State Council, is a social group with the qualification of legal person. Its establishment manifested the wish of strengthening the exchange, promoting the cooperation, enhancing the cohesive force and the sense of national pride among Chinese people, who deeply love China with great achievement.
As a member of the United Nations NGO, CICSS is established for serving Chinese construction with the purpose of attracting more overseas Chinese and international celebrities to understand China, which is fast developing and progressing in the tide of reform. The main function of

CICSS is collecting a variety of successful cases in the fields from all over the world, assisting the world celebrities to write book and biography, examining the qualifications of world celebrities, promoting their achievement, setting up the fund, building up a gateway for their visiting to China, carrying on the mutual academic exchanges activity, investment and development, promoting the economical, cultural and technical cooperation and exchange between China and the world.

CICSS has more than 99 group members, over thousands of individual members and 125 tenured honor members. Since its establishment, CICSS has widely built up more than 30 cooperative channels abroad in America, Japan, Korea, France, Germany, Italy as well as Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, etc, and also has organized more than 1,200 exchange activities for international celebrities,published a series of books including " Chinese Tide", " Track of Hardship" and "Road to Success", which

had demonstrated more than 5,000 successful cases from the outstanding persons emerging in the development of Chinese construction.

CICSS is an international exchange platform of collecting and promoting the wealth of thought, is also a cooperative organization for the global famous people who has great outstanding achievements. Our member not only has the reputation of international celebrities but also belongs to a success group, which will definitely bring new cooperative opportunity and mutual supplementary superiority, therefore, it will help our members and friends to have a stronger ability of innovation.

Let us work together to contribute our wisdom and strength into the harmonious development of Chinese and the world.

Dr. Prof. Wang Linxu, President
Beijing Chinese International Celebrities Study Society

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